About Us

Welcome to INTEGIRLS Houston!

From space inventions to legendary stars, Houston holds a dynamic variety of talent and imagination. Embracing this diversity, the INTEGIRLS Houston team is a group of passionate girls with distinct interests, all driven towards one mission: empowering women in STEM.

INTEGIRLS is a teen-led nonprofit that holds math contests and puzzle hunts in order to promote female and non-binary teens affected by (trans)misogyny in STEM. Our goal is to foster and promote a passion for math and problem solvingan essential part of STEMand ignite a sense of community for girls in this driven group of people.

Statistics on Females in STEM

For many, it might not be entirely obvious, but women tend to be far outnumbered by men in STEM fields - and we have the statistics to show this.

  • According to MAA, girls comprised only ~18% out of those who qualified for the 2020 AIME I in the U.S. (706 girls as opposed to 3144 guys).

  • For the past couple of years, the percentage of the 500 people who qualify for USA(J)MO who are women has been consistently around 10% (see chart on the bottom left).

  • Although STEM degrees are, in fact, the minority for both genders, there still seems to be more men than women who graduate with a STEM degree. According to College Factual, this trend seems to be reflected in all races (see chart on the bottom right).