Contests & Events

Join us for a fun day of math contests and activities. No experience is required—just be excited to do some math! Because our goal is to increase the representation and create a community of female/non-binary students interested in math, our contests are open to female/non-binary students.

For more information about the INTEGIRLS Math Contests, click here.

The puzzle hunt is a national, online event where teams— consisting of middle and high school female/non-binary students—work to solve a set of puzzles over a couple of days. No experience is required, and we highly recommend joining in on this fun activity!

Panelist Sessions: Coming Soon!

Ever wonder how some students became so successful? Want to learn more about a specific career? Join us in our panelist sessions to learn more about how some of the most well-known or successful women got to where they are today! Bring any questions you may have and get ready to have some fun!

If you would like to become a speaker in a panelist session, you can find more information here.

This page provides students with additional resources to supplement their competitive math journey. We link various math handouts, websites, contests, and camps that students can attend to. We hope this helps you!

If there are resources that you would like to share or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at