Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2021 INTEGIRLS Houston Winter Math Contest

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Before the contest

What are the INTEGIRLS Math Problems like?

The global INTEGIRLS organization has a problem-writing team that crafts the competition problems. The content will not cover upper-level math topics like calculus. The problems will have a wide range of difficulty levels so every student is challenged to the best of our abilities.

To familiarize yourself with the possible problem format, we recommend looking at past INTEGIRLS contests, MATHCOUNTS problems (chapter-state level), and AMC 8/10 problems.

How can I stay up-to-date on INTEGIRLS activities and competitions?

Sign up for our mailing list and follow our Instagram and Facebook page, which are all linked here.

Who can participate in an INTEGIRLS contest?

Participants must be female or non-binary students and in middle school or high school. No prior competition math experience is required!

Can I compete/volunteer if I don't live in Houston?

Yes! If there's a chapter closer to you, we can connect you with them. If we are your closest chapter, you are welcome to compete/volunteer at our event.

How can I find teammates/Do they need to be from my school?

You can ask friends or classmates to join you! You may also ask on the INTEGIRLS Forum (which is highly moderated and appropriate) to connect with other students and teammates.

Your teammates do not need to be from your school, or even your area. If your teammates are from different schools, you simply need to list one of the schools when signing up your team for the contest.

Do I have to pay to compete?

Participation in inteGIRLS contests is completely free, which is made possible by our generous sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor our organization, click here.

I'm a teacher and I'm willing to give extra credit. Is there a way to verify participation?

Yes! After the competition, we will send participants a form to request a certificate. Those who request certificates will be emailed a certificate with their name and score. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the certificate a student presents to you, please feel free to contact us directly.

About the contest

How has COVID-19 affected upcoming events?

Usually, our math competitions would take place in-person, but due to current circumstances, the 2021 Winter Contest will be hosted online through Zoom. Don't worry — the contest will still be full of fun math problems it's team-based, so invite your friends!

What is a relay round?

A relay round is a series of 4 math questions with 8 minutes to complete them. These rounds are unique because the answer to the previous problem helps you solve the next one!

What is an estimathon round?

The estimathon consists of questions that ask teams to estimate the answer. This optional round is just for fun and isn't necessarily math-related; for example, what is the number of bees in the world divided by the number of sharks?

May I compete as an individual?

Yes, you may compete as an individual, but we highly encourage you to have a team of 3-4 students. If you don't have a team, don't worry! You may find other students looking for teams using this forum or sign up and we can help you find a team if you want.

Will we be able to use calculators or notes?

You will not be allowed to use calculators, protractors, compasses, rulers, or any type of notes or aids unless approved by the INTEGIRLS Team.

How will we communicate with our teammates?

In our virtual contest, we will provide breakout rooms in Zoom so you can discuss with your teammates. We ask that all competitors use this form of communication.

How will we enter our answers?

On the contest day, we will provide a Google Form where teams will submit their answers. We ask that only one member of the team submits for the entire team.

How does the point system work for the contest?

The point values will be posted on the test. Harder problems will be worth more than easier ones. There will be no point deductions for getting the wrong answer.

How will you prevent cheating?

Proctors will monitor rooms to ensure that the internet, calculators, or other unapproved resources are not being used to the best of our abilities. Violation of this policy will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.